Q: How should I clean my Remora Rack pads?
A: You can use mild soap and water as you would when you wash your car. DO NOT use solvents or bug/tar remover... it can mar the finish. Most products, such as Armor All, may be used, but it will make the pad slippery, so use caution when securing any load to your racks.
Q: I would like to glue the pads together... what glue should I use?
A: We suggest using 3M 5200 marine sealant adhesive. Black looks best but white will work too. It is a bit messy and slow to cure, but it is the best product we have found. Super Glue will work for minor repairs, and silicone sealer will also stick to the pads to fill nicks.
Q: What do I seal the cut open cell foam with?
A: We suggest a black 3M 5200 marine sealant (white may be used, but that spoils the attractive appearance of our pads, in our opinion.)
Q: Is it okay to cut the pads buck but not glue them or seal the exposed foam?
A: Yes, but we had only been testing this for about a year. The foam is an open cell type, but we haven't seen any problems yet
Q: Can I put my logo on the Remora Rack Pads?
A: It is possible to have a custom insert machined to mold in your logo when ordering larger quantities. There is a custom machining charge for this service.
Q: I have both Yakima and Thule racks I want to interchange the Remora Rack Pads... is this possible?
A: Yes, the Thule shaped holes will fit the Yakima bars, but not as snugly as the correct ones.